Arya Mazumdar (Research)


  • Coding Theory, Information Theory, and related Combinatorial and Probabilistic Methods.

  • Machine Learning, Optimization, Signal Processing.


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Research Support

Students and Advising

  • Graduate Students

    • Larkin Flodin (University of Massachusetts, Ph.D. 2015 - ). Thesis Topic: Sparsity.

    • Soumyabrata Pal (University of Massachusetts, Ph.D. 2016 - ). Thesis Topic: Mixtures.

    • Raj Kumar Maity (University of Massachusetts, Ph.D. 2016 - ). Thesis Topic: Distributed Learning.

  • Alumni

    • Venkata Gandikota (Postdoc at UMass Center for Data Science and NSF TRIPODS Foundations of Data Science, 2018 - 2020), Now: Assistant professor, Syracuse University.

    • Ankit Singh Rawat (Postdoc at UMass: 2017 - 2018), Now at: Google Research NYC.

    • Abhishek Agarwal (University of Minnesota, Ph.D. 2013 - 2018), Next Position: Postdoc at UIUC, Now at: The Jackson Laboratory.

    • Shashanka Ubaru (University of Minnesota, M.S. 2014), Next Position: Ph.D. University of Minnesota, Now at: IBM Watson Lab.

    • William Rurik (University of Minnesota, Undergraduate Honors Thesis and REU Student, 2016), Next Position: IBM.

Some Recent Topics

A word-cloud formed by the names of my papers from past few years.

Communication vs Computation