CS 453: Computer Networks
(Spring 2019)
Overview Syllabus Schedule

Part 1: Introduction
        What is the Internet, What is a protocol?
        The Network Edge, Core, and Access Networks
        Physical Media
        Delay and Loss in Packet-Switched Networks
        Protocol Layers and Their Service Models
        Internet Backbones, NAPs and ISPs
        A Brief History of Computer Networking and the Internet

Part 2: The Application Layer
        Principles of Application-Layer Protocols
        The World Wide Web: HTTP
        File Transfer: FTP
        Electronic Mail in the Internet
        The Internet's Directory Service: DNS
        Socket Programming

Part 3: The Transport Layer
        Transport-Layer Services and Principles
        Multiplexing and Demultiplexing Applications
        Connectionless Transport: UDP
        Principles of Reliable of Data Transfer
        TCP case study
        Principles of Congestion Control
        TCP Congestion Control

 Part 4: The Network Layer : Data Plane
       Overview of Network Layer
       What's inside a Router?
       The Internet Protocol (IP)
       Generalized Forwarding and SDN

 Part 5: The Network Layer : Control Plane
       Routing Algorithms
       Intra-AS Routing
       Routing Among the ISPs
       The SDN Control Plane
       Network Management and SNMP

Part 6: The Link Layer and Local Area Networks
        The Data Link Layer: Introduction, Services
        Error Detection and Correction
        Multiple Acces Protocols and LANs
        LAN Addresses and ARP
        Data center networking

Part 7: Wireless Networks
       WiFi: IEEE 802.11
        Handling Mobility
       Case Study: GSM cellular networks, Mobile-IP

Part 8: Security in Computer Networks
        What is Network Security?
        Attacks and Countermeasures
        Principles of Cryptography
        Authentication: Who are You?
        Key Distribution and Certification
        Case Studies