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You must complete the assigned reading before coming to class. The lectures will assume you’ve read and understood most of the material. Homework assignments are due at midnight before class on the date noted.

Tuesday, Jan 21Reading: CPDT 1 and 2.1. Homework: Boolean Machine out.
Thursday, Jan 23No class meeting. (Arjun at POPL.)
Tuesday, Jan 28Reading: CPDT 2.2. Homework: Boolean Machine due. Homework: Typed Machine out.
Thursday, Jan 30Reading: CPDT 3.1–3.5.
Tuesday, Feb 4Reading: CPDT 3.6–3.9. Homework: Typed Machine due. Homework: Tries out.
Thursday, Feb 6Reading: CPDT 4.
Tuesday, Feb 11Reading: CPDT 6.1–6.3.
Thursday, Feb 13Reading: CPDT 6.4–6.5. Homework: Tries due. Homework: Binary Search Tree-ness out.
Tuesday, Feb 18No class meeting (Monday schedule at UMass Amherst).
Thursday, Feb 20Reading: CPDT 13. Homework: Group Theory out.
Tuesday, Feb 25No class meeting (Arjun at CRA-CMW.) Reading CPDT 8.1–8.3
Thursday, Feb 27Reading: CPDT 8.4–8.5. Homework: Binary Search Tree-ness due.
Tuesday, Mar 4No class meeting (Arjun at ONS.)
Thursday, Mar 6Type soundness lecture.
Tuesday, Mar 11Reading: Locally nameless representation of binders.
Thursday, Mar 13Homework: Group Theory due.
Tuesday, Mar 18No class meeting. (Spring Break.)
Thursday, Mar 20No class meeting. (Spring Break.)
Tuesday, Mar 25SF: Imp all 1-3 star exercises up to loop_never_stops. Skip pup_to_n.
Tuesday, Mar 27[SF: Equiv] all 1-3 star exercises up to fold_constants_com_sound.


I use this calendar for longer term course planning, but it may be out of date. The schedule above is more accurate.