Welcome to the Fall 2014 offering of CMPSCI220 Programming Methodology!

You must read the entire Course Policy document.

Course Locations

LectureTuesday, 8:30AM--9:45AMHerter Hall, Room 227
LectureThursday, 8:30AM--9:45AMHerter Hall, Room 227
Discussion CFriday, 9:05AM--9:55AMEngineering Lab, Room 323
Discussion AFriday, 11:15AM--12:05PMEngineering Lab, Room 323
Discussion BFriday, 12:20PM--1:10PMLederle Graduate Research Center (LGRC), Room A201

Office Hours

Tuesday, 5PM—7PMLGRT 220Stephen
Wednesday, 11:30AM—12:30PMCS 230Arjun
Wednesday, 4:30PM—5:30PMCS 258Tim
Friday, 3PM—5PMLGRT 220Teddy
Friday, 5PM—7PMLGRT 220Amee


The following textbook is required:

Programming in Scala: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide (2nd Edition), Odersky, Spoon, Venners

We will supplement this book with other reading that will be freely available on the Web.