Date Notes
Tuesday, Sep 2 Out: Clocks. Reading: Introduction, Scala Basics, Images, and Simple Data Structures.
Thursday, Sep 4 Reading: Pattern Matching.
Friday, Sep 5 Lab: Homework help session.
Tuesday, Sep 9 Due: Clocks. Out: Pong. Reading: The Option Type and Programming with Lists.
Thursday, Sep 11  
Friday, Sep 12 Lab: Recursion Lab.
Tuesday, Sep 16 Due: Pong. Out: Recursion. Reading: Map In Depth and Functions.
Thursday, Sep 18  
Friday, Sep 19 Lab: Recursion Lab 2: Folding.
Tuesday, Sep 23 Due: Recursion. Out: Measurement. Reading: Professional Scala Tools.
Thursday, Sep 25  
Friday, Sep 26 Lab: Folding Lab.
Tuesday, Sep 30  
Thursday, Oct 2 Due: Measurement. Out: Join Lists.
Friday, Oct 3 Lab: Debugging Lab (not available online).
Tuesday, Oct 7 Reading: Odersky Chapters 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12
Thursday, Oct 9  
Friday, Oct 10 No Lab. (Enjoy Columbus Day weekend)
Sunday, Oct 12 Due: Join Lists.
Monday, Oct 13 Out: Graphs
Tuesday, Oct 14 No class. (Monday schedule)
Thursday, Oct 16 Reading: Odersky Chapters 16 and 17.
Friday, Oct 17 Lab: MST Lab
Tuesday, Oct 21  
Thursday, Oct 23 Due: Graphs. Out: Tic Tac Toe.
Friday, Oct 24 Lab: MST Lab Again
Tuesday, Oct 28  
Thursday, Oct 30 Java Regular Expressions and Scala Regular Expressions
Friday, Oct 31 Lab: Regular Expressions Lab
Tuesday, Nov 4 Due: Tic Tac Toe. Out: Sudoku. Reading: Odersky Chapters 19 and 20.
Thursday, Nov 6 Reading: Odersky Chapter 21.
Friday, Nov 7 No Lab. (Enjoy Veteran’s Day weekend)
Tuesday, Nov 11 No class. (Veteran’s Day)
Wednesday, Nov 12 Tuesday schedule. Reading: Odersky Chapter 9.
Thursday, Nov 13 Reading: ScalaCheck.
Friday, Nov 14 Lab: ScalaCheck Lab
Tuesday, Nov 18 Due: Sudoku. Out: Parsing. Reading: Odersky Chapter 33.
Thursday, Nov 20  
Friday, Nov 21 Lab: Parsing Lab
Tuesday, Nov 25 Due: Parsing. Mid-term Exam.
Thursday, Nov 27 No class. (Thanksgiving Break)
Friday, Nov 28 No lab. (Thanksgiving Break)
Tuesday, Dec 2  
Thursday, Dec 4 Last class.
Friday, Dec 5 No lab. (We had the last class)