Project Options

Students are expected to undertake a semester long research project related to information assurance. You should work with the instructor (through email or meeting) to choose a project topic. It is recommended to make teams of 2 for projects (you may also form a group of 1 or 3 if you have the justification for that). There are two options for the project:

  1. (Survey project:) Survey a topic in security and privacy.
  2. (Research project:) Investigate some research idea, i.e., improve upon an existing technique, investigate some vulnerability, do some new analysis, or re-implement a part of a published paper.

  3. Having trouble finding a project topic? Look at the papers presented at recent top-tier security conferences, and then come talk to me:

  1. ACM CCS
  2. NDSS
  3. IEEE S&P
  4. USENIX Security
Your project topic may be relevant to the paper you present at class.


  1. Project proposal: a single page report including project's title, student names, and a summary of the plans and objectives. Sumbit on Moodle.
  2. Final report: At the end of the semester, each team should submit a report for the project, formated in double-column ACM format. The page limit is 6 pages.


  1. Project introduction (introduce your project in 2-3 minutes in class, and get feedback and suggestions from students and instructor).
  2. Each team should present their project at the end of the semester (about 15 minutes).

Deadlines & dates

- 02/08: The deadline for choosing project topics, and uploading the 1-page summary on Moodle. You should briefly (in 2-3 minutes) introduce your project in class on 02/08.
- 04/19, 04/24, 04/26, 05/01: Final project presentations (during class time)
- 05/10: Final project reports due