Visualizing deep texture representations
code for visualizing deep texture models, attribute-based style manipulation, and more
link to the project page

bilinear CNNs
architectures for fine-grained visual recognition
link to the project page

multi-view CNNs
view based features for 3D shape recognition
link to the project page

deep filter banks
texture descriptors with CNN features
link to the cvpr 2015 paper

a library for training additive classifiers efficiently

related old code
  fast additive kernel SVM evaluation
  fast additive classifier training

poselets and their applications
poselets page from berkeley
pose estimation
action classification

skyline parsing
an implementation of shape constrained MRFs for segmentation

biased normalized cuts
normalized cuts with priors for interactive segmentation

handwritten digit recognition

related code
  liblinear with support for dense features

amazon mechanical turk tools
some commonly used interfaces for image annotations written in javascript