CS 585, Fall 2016, UMass Amherst


HW1.ipynb (word statistics): due Friday 9/16 at midnight. (also in HTML format)

HW2.zip (n-gram LMs): due Friday 9/23 at midnight. (if desired, see HTML format)

HW3.pdf (Naive Bayes): due Friday 10/7 at midnight. Also get nb.py (starter code), and the data file, which is around 46 MB to download, and takes around 210 MB when unzipped.

HW4: this is divided into two parts. The homework is much more substantial than previous homeworks. Please get started early.

HW5.zip (distributional similarity): due Sunday 11/27. (also in HTML format)

HW6.pdf (research paper reading): due Friday 12/9.


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Readings should be done before the indicated class.

Tu 9/6 - Introduction [slides pdf]

Th 9/8 - Words

Tu 9/13 - N-gram Language Models [slides]


Th 9/15 - N-gram Language Models, cont'd [slides]

Tu 9/20 - Naive Bayes Classification [slides: 1st half of this pdf]


Th 9/20 - Log-linear Classification [slides: 2nd half of this pdf]

Tu 9/27 - Sentiment Lexicons (+ very brief neural networks intro) [slides]

Th 9/29

Lecture is cancelled. Instead, go to the Yoshua Bengio talk in the Statistical and Computational Data Science Distinguished Lecture Series. 2-4pm, CS Building room 150/151. Talk video here. The makeup reading is Manning 2016, "Computational Linguistics and Deep Learning".

Tu 10/4: Part-of-speech Tags [POS slides] [Project slides]

Th 10/6: Hidden Markov Models, Forward Algo [slides]

No class on Tuesday 10/11

Th 10/13: Viterbi Algorithm [slides] [scans]

Friday 10/14: Project proposals due

Tu 10/18: Structured Perceptron and Conditional Random Fields [slides]

Th 10/20: CRFs part 2 and project work

10/25: Syntax, Part 1 [slides]

10/27: Syntax, Part 2 [slides]

Tu 11/1: Review session

Th 11/3: Midterm

11/8: Lexical Semantics [slides]

11/10: Distributional Semantics [slides]

Sunday 11/13: Progress report due

11/15: Word Embeddings and Neural Networks [slides]

11/17: Relationship Extraction, Neural Networks, and Matrix Factorization [slides]

Guest lecture, Haw-Shiuan Chang

No class 11/22 or 11/24: Thanksgiving

11/29: Machine Translation [slides]

(Lecture was replaced): EM and latent variable models

12/1: Information Extraction and Coreference [slides]

12/6: Research and summarization (Abe)

12/8: Social factors and ethics in NLP

Tu 12/13: Poster session, 2:30-4:30, room CS 150/151