COMPSCI 646: Information Retrieval (Fall 2018)

COMPSCI 646 is a graduate-level course in Information Retrieval, the science and engineering of indexing, organizing, searching, and making sense of unstructured or mostly unstructured information, particularly text. The class focuses primarily on the underlying models used for effective search and organization, but includes some discussion of efficiency concerns. The course also covers current research problems and methodologies in the field of Information Retrieval.

Time: Mon & Wed, 9:05 - 10:20 AM

Location: CS 142


Hamed Zamani (and James Allan)


Office Hour: TBD.

Teaching Assistant




Grading (subject to change)

Tentative Schedule

Coming soon.

Collaboration and Help

You may discuss the ideas behind assignments with others. You may ask for help understanding class and IR concepts. You may study with friends. However...

The work that you submit must be your own. It may not be copied from the web, from another student in the class, or from anyone else. If you stumble upon and use a solution from the textbook or from class, you are expected to acknowledge the source of the work.

Your effort on exams (mini or final) must be your own. Your homework submissions must be your own work and not in collaboration with anyone. Your project work must be your own work and not a copy of someone else's work, nor done in collaboration with anyone.

Last update: 2018/03/26