Implicit Integration for Particle-based Simulation of Elasto-Plastic Solids

Yahan Zhou, Zhaoliang Lun, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Rui Wang

Computer Graphics Forum (PG 2013) Vol. 32



We present a novel particle-based method for stable simulation of elasto-plastic materials. The main contribution of our method is an implicit numerical integrator, using a physically-based model, for computing particles that undergo both elastic and plastic deformations. The main advantage of our implicit integrator is that it allows the use of large time steps while still preserving stable and physically plausible simulation results. As a key component of our algorithm, at each time step we compute the particle positions and velocities based on a sparse linear system, which we solve efficiently on the graphics hardware. Compared to existing techniques, our method allows for a much wider range of stiffness and plasticity settings. In addition, our method can significantly reduce the computation cost for certain range of material types. We demonstrate fast and stable simulations for a variety of elasto-plastic materials, ranging from highly stiff elastic materials to highly plastic ones.



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