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CmpSci 535 Computer Architecture

The syllabus and notes for this course are in the process of being edited.


Syllabus in Acrobat Format

Reading Assignments

Reading Assignments in Acrobat Format

Semester Project

Semester Project in Acrobat Format

Discussion 1 Historical Perspective on Tecnology

Discussion 2 Identifying Technology Trends

Discussion 3 Performance Metrics

Discussion 4 Canonical Computers

Discussion 5 Boolean Logic and Computation

Discussion 6 Combinational Logic/Simple Arithmetic

Discussion 7 Complex Arithmetic

Discussion 8 Sequential Logic

Discussion 9 More Sequential Logic

Discussion 10 Simple Execution Data Path

Discussion 11 Memory Technology

Discussion 12 Instruction Sets

Discussion 13 Instruction Fetch

Discussion 14 Combined Instruction and Execution Path

Discussion 15 Control Unit

Discussion 16 Pipelining

Discussion 17 Demo Day

Discussion 18 Branch Prediction

Discussion 19 Memory Hierarchy and Direct-Mapped Cache

Discussion 20 Associative Caches

Discussion 21 Virtual Memory

Notes from Prior Years

CmpSci 635 Modern Computer Architecture

Syllabus in HTML

Syllabus in Acrobat Format

Lecture Notes and Slides for Spring 2007 (will be updated as course proceeds)
 Lecture 1 Notes  Lecture 1 Slides Lecture1 Notes pdf
 Lecture 2 Notes  Lecture 2 Slides Lecture2 Notes pdf
 Lecture 3 Notes  Lecture 3 Slides Lecture3 Notes pdf
 Lecture 4 Notes  Lecture 4 Slides Lecture4 Notes pdf
 Lecture 5 Notes  Lecture 5 Slides Lecture5 Notes pdf
 Lecture 6 Notes  Lecture 6 Slides Lecture6 Notes pdf
 Lecture 7 Notes  Lecture 7 Slides Lecture7 Notes pdf
 Lecture 8 Notes  Lecture 8 Slides Lecture8 Notes pdf
 Lecture 9 Notes  Lecture 9 Slides Lecture9 Notes pdf
 Lecture 10 Notes  Lecture 10 Slides Lecture10 Notes pdf
 Lecture 11 Notes  Lecture 11 Slides Lecture11 Notes pdf
 Lecture 12 Notes  Lecture 12 Slides Lecture12 Notes pdf
 Lecture 13 Notes  Lecture 13 Slides Lecture13 Notes pdf
 Lecture 14 Notes  Lecture 14 Slides Lecture14 Notes pdf
 Lecture 15 Notes  Lecture 15 Slides Lecture15 Notes pdf
 Lecture 16 Notes  Lecture 16 Slides Lecture16 Notes pdf
 Lecture 17 Notes  Lecture 17 Slides Lecture17 Notes pdf

Pipeline Data Hazards and Instruction Scheduling Slides

Branch Predictor Slides

CmpSci 735 Advanced Computer Architecture

This course is offered in years when there is student demand, and is a survey of currently hot topics in computer architecture -- it's never the same thing twice!

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