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Text Files of Constants

Factorials, integer formatFebruary 2, 201024K0! through 169!
Factorials, scientific formatFebruary 2, 20101.56M0! through 5015!, only first 300 digits after 187!
Fibonacci, integer formatFebruary 2, 2010228KF(0) through F(1437)
Powers of 2, integer formatFebruary 2, 2010158K20 through 21000
Square roots, normal formatFebruary 2, 2010304KRoot(0) through Root(1000), 300 decimal places, but I don't trust the last 3-5 places.
ArcTangents, scientific formatFebruary 2, 2010111KArcTan(20) through ArcTan(2-768), 120 decimal places. Although ArcTan(1) is correct, I don't trust all decimal places. Good for CORDIC ArcTan routines.
As N increases, ArcTan(2-N) ~ 2-N.
Factors of integers, list formatFebruary 3, 201037K1 to 3000
Factors of integers, packed formatFebruary 3, 201035K1 to 3000
Factors of Factorials, packed formatFebruary 3, 2010638K2! to 1180!, each line of the file fits into one line of Notepad.
Factors of Factorials, packed formatFebruary 3, 20103.88M2! to 3000!, HUGE text file, lines after 1180! are too long for Notepad and exhibit word-wrap.
Inverse of Factorials, scientific formatFebruary 3, 2010942K1/1! to 1/3000!, 300 decimal places, but I don't trust the last 1-2 places. Up through 1/170! are good for computing 300-digit Taylor Series for brute-force sine, cosine, ex routines.

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