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If you try submitting a form and get a "Thank You!" message, then the submission WAS SUCCESSFUL! Relax! You don't need to ask if we got it! It worked! (Responses are automatically generated by my software on our server - you cannot get a response if the submission isn't received or if the server is not working.)


It is the date and time when you hit the SUBMIT button that is recorded by the system for assessing late penalties, not the time you first accessed the page.


When you successfully submit any form, please print a copy of the "Thank You!" message returned to you; this is your receipt, and is proof that you submitted the assignment on a particular date and time. Keep your printed receipt in your notebook.


If you submit the same form more than once, then the version with the highest grade will be recorded, and all other submissions will be discarded. (Multiple submissions of the ERRATA forms are allowed.)


When you successfully submit a form, your browser will not remember that it has been submitted. This means that you could come back to the quizzes page some time later and see that an assignment is listed as "n DAYS LATE" when you know perfectly well that it was submitted on time. There is nothing wrong here. If you know you submitted the form correctly and on time, please do not submit it again late. The browser shows the same "n DAYS LATE" message to everyone who accesses the page, anywhere on the planet, not just you!