Dr. Bill's Get My Grades Page!

This page is for students in the current semester only. Since I do not use Moodle or any similar course management software, I have created this page so that students may request a copy of their current grades in my classes and do so securely. Requesting grades will cause an encrypted email to be sent to the address I have on file for you. The keys to be used for decryption of that message will be discussed in class, but will never be written down, nor ever made public.


Enter your ID in the box below, and your scores for all of the classes that you take with me will be emailed to your UMass mail account as a partially encrypted message. If you do not get the message immediately, check your SPAM folder; the presence of the encrypted text may cause SPAM filters to temporarily quarantine the message. When you do receive the message, go to the Decoder (below) to decrypt it.


When you get the secret message, copy and paste the encrypted part into the large text area below, type in your password into the password box, and then click the "Convert and Decode" button. The encrypted text will be replaced by the readable message. If the message is still unreadable after the conversion process, then it is likely you entered the wrong password.

Enter Password:
Paste encrypted text into the box below: