Hi, I'm Venkatesh.

I am a final year PhD candidate at UMass, Amherst. I am working with Prof Manmatha R and Prof James Allan in CIIR lab. My research interests are in developing Machine Learning algorithms to address Computer Vision problems.


MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science (2011- present)
School of Computer Science,
University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA.

ME in Signal Processing (2006-2008)
Electrical and Communication Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science, India.

BE in Electronics and Communication (2002-2006)
Visvesvaraya Technological University, India.


Graduate Research Experience

Doctoral degree: CIIR lab, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. (2011-Present)
Thesis: "Deep Learning for Image Classification"
Advisor: Prof R. Manmatha

Master degree: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. (2006-2008)
Thesis: "Hierarchical classification of online handwritten Kannada words using DTW and PCA"
Guide: Prof. A. G. Ramakrishnan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
This project involved both signal processing and Pattern recognition techniques to recognize online handwritten Kannada (Regional Indian language) words on a Tablet PC. Proposed a novel technique for segmentation and heirarchical classification of online handwritten kannada characters recognition achieving high recognition accuracy. And, the proposed algorithm was implemented in real time on Toshiba Tablet PC.

Professional Experience

Xerox Research Centre India (May 2014 - Aug 2014)
Role: Research Intern
Project: Text detection using deep learning

Tata Consultancy Services (2008-2011)
Innovation Lab, Bangalore
Role: Research Engineer

Key Projects Handled

Title: Non Intrusive Load Monitoring
Client: TCS Internal            Duration: October 2010- present            Team Size: 2
 Role: Aimed at developing a system for analyzing changes in the voltage and current in car battery using pattern recognition techniques and deducing what electrical appliances are used in the car as well as their individual energy consumption. A patent is pending on the same.
Title: Multi modal ECG and Fingerprint Based Biometrics
Client: TCS Internal            Duration: December 2010- present            Team Size: 2
Role: A secure biometric system for fingerprint authentication was developed using LDPC and syndrome coding and reinforced with ECG biometric system for additional security. A patent is filed on the same.
Title: Classification and tracking of Dynamic Obstacles using Laser Range Finder(LRF) and Camera
Client: LG, South Korea            Duration: may 2010- August 2010            Team Size: 5
 Role: Aimed at developing a system that involves laser range finders integration with camera based systems to automatically detect objects in a real time scenario and alert the driver to take necessary actions.
Title: Cookery video summarization using image and audio signal processing (won Aegis Graham Bell Innovation Award 2010), http://www.bellaward.com/AwardWinners.html
Client: TCS Internal            Duration: January 2009- November 2009            Team Size: 2
 Role: Developed a novel approach for Commercial break boundaries detection using both audio and video features and also developed an automatic annotation and content based video retrieval system by making use of the features extracted during the process of detecting commercial boundaries in a recorded Television (TV) program for Set-Top box application.
Title: Audio Based command control for Television (TV) (won Aegis Graham Bell Innovation
Award 2010), http://www.bellaward.com/AwardWinners.html
Client: TCS Internal            Duration: September 2008- March 2009            Team Size: 2
 Role: Developed and implemented a command control based on speech recognition using Hidden Markov Model (HMM) for TV operations. Research focus was on brining out a simple accurate adaptive learning algorithm for HMM based speech recognition which meets the requirements and constraints of real-time implementation on Set-Top box (TI Da-vinci Platform).


Journal Article

Venkatesh N and A. G. Ramakrishnan, "Choice of Classifiers in Hierarchical Recognition of Online Handwritten Kannada and Tamil Aksharas", Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol. 17, pp. 94-106, 2011. [pdf]

Book Chapter

Venkatesh N, Girish Chandra M, "Commercial Break Detection and Content Based Video Retrieval", chapter in the book Machine Learning and Systems Engineering published by Springer, 2010. [pdf]

Srinivasan Jayaraman, Prashanth Swamy, Vani Damodaran and N. Venkatesh, "A Novel Technique for ECG Morphology Interpretation and Arrhythmia Detection Based on Time Series Signal Extracted from Scanned ECG Record, Advances in Electrocardiograms - Methods and Analysis", chapter in the book Advances in Electrocardiograms - Methods and Analysis,InTech Publishers, 2012. [pdf]

Conference Papers

Venkatesh N. Murthy, Vivek Singh, Shanhui Sun, Subhabrata Bhattacharyab, Terrence Chen, and Dorin Comaniciu, "Cascaded Deep Decision Networks for Classification of Endoscopic Images", SPIE Medical Imaging, Orlando, FL, 2017. [pdf]

Venkatesh N. Murthy, Vivek Singh, Terrence Chen, R Manmatha and Dorin Comaniciu, "Deep Decision Network for Image Classification", IEEE CVPR 2016.[pdf][webpage]

Venkatesh N. Murthy, Avinash Sharma, Visesh Chari and R. Manmatha, "Image Annotation using Multi-scale Hypergraph Heat Diffusion Framework", ACM ICMR 2016, USA.[pdf]

Venkatesh N. Murthy, Subhransu Majji, R Manmatha, "Automatic Image Annotation using Deep Learning Representations", ACM ICMR 2015, China. [pdf][webpage]

Venkatesh N. Murthy, Ethem F. Can, R. Manmatha, "A Hybrid Model for Automatic Image Annotation", in the proceedings of ICMR 2014. [pdf]

Venkatesh N, Ruchir Gulati, Rajeev B, Girish Chandra M, "Fixed-Point Implementation of Isolated Sub-Word Level Speech Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models", 26thACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Taiwan, March 21-25 2011. [pdf]

Venkatesh N, Srinivasa J, "Human Electrocardiogram for Biometrics using DTW and FLDA", International conference on pattern recognition (ICPR), August 23-26, 2010, Turkey. [pdf]

Venkatesh N, M Girish Chandra, Rajeev B, "A Novel Commercial Break Detection and automatic annotation of TV program for content based retrieval", IEEE 2nd International Conference on Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS 2010), Dalian, China, july5-7, 2010. [pdf]

Venkatesh N, Rajeev B, Girish Chandra M, "Novel TV Commercial Detection in Cookery Program Videos", Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2009 Vol II, WCECS 2009, October 20-22, 2009, San Francisco, USA. [pdf]