Rufous-throated Solitaire (Myadestes genibarbis) Songs in Martinique

From March 3 to April 1, 2005 I recorded Rufous-throated Solitaires in the cloud forest between Gros Morne and Morne Rouge on the island of Martinque.

Two songs from Martinique Rufous-throated Solitaires


Songs are delivered by repeating songs of one type for a period of time, not multiple types alternated. This is different from Black-faced and Andean Solitaires, Myadestes melanops and ralloides, which sing in packages, alternating among two to seven types at a stretch.

Seven Rufous-throated Solitaires were recorded. Birds sang between 1 and 3 song types. The amount of recording makes it probable that not enough songs were recorded to observe full repertoires.

A total of 13 song types were recorded; they contained a total of 3 to 1 elements per song, for an an average of 7 elements per song. Flat whistles were 50% of the elements.

Elements in different songs can be similar, but song types themselves are mostly dissimilar. No examples of matched countersinging, i.e., two birds singing songs of the same type back and forth, were observed. One song type, RTSMA05.01/RTSMA07.02, was shared by 2 birds whose territories were at least a mile apart.

Click below for song type spectrograms and songs. Click on any spectrogram to hear the sound represented.


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