From June 7 to June 13, 2003 I recorded Ring Ouzels in Rogaland about 70 kilometers south of Stavanger, Norway. The Ring Ouzels sang less than birds encountered in England and Scotland earlier in the season. A local observer, John Grønning, had observed birds carrying food the week before I arrived. In one area (Ørsdalen), thought to have perhaps six pairs, no Ring Ouzel was heard on three visits, two of which started at 3 and 3:15 AM in relatively good weather.

Nevertheless, three of five areas visited had two singing Ring Ouzels each. In each of these areas, one bird was reasonably well recorded and another was recorded either briefly, in the background, or from a significant distance. Three birds were recorded singing complex songs.

Relationships between the songs of these pairs differ from area to area. They do not show the strong consistency of groups in Scotland and England. This may be due to the small amount of recording I was able to do or to a difference in group dynamics between Norway and Great Britain. More observation, which is planned for Spring, 2004, is needed to determine the actual relationships among geographically grouped Ring Ouzels in Norway.

The following shows the simple songs recorded from individual Ring Ouzels in three areas, Kjervall (pronouced share-val, more or less) , Åmsdal, and Tengesdal, all areas near Egersund.

Kjervall, 5.5 km NE of Egersund; 2 birds, RZKJ01 and RZKJ02. RZKJ01 was recorded for around 8 minutes, RZKJ02 less than a minute during which he sang 5 simple and 2 complex songs. RZK01 and RZKJ02 were neighbours with abutting territories as far as could be ascertained.

Type 1 simple song, RZKJ01


Type 2 simple song, RZKJ01


Type 1 simple song, RZKJ02 (basically same as type 1 of RZKJ01)


Type 2 simple song, RZKJ02 (similar to but not same as type 2 of RZKJ01)


Åmsdal, 5 km SE of Egersund, 8 km from Kjervall; 2 birds, RZAM01 and RZAM02,neighbours. RZAM01 was recorded for around 12 minutes with many simple and complex songs. See analysis of complex songs in section Complex Songs. RZAM02 was recorded in the background of RZAM01 recording with many fewer songs, all simple.


Type 1 simple song, RZAM01


Type 2 simple song, RZAM01


Type 3 simple song, RZAM01


Type 1 simple song, RZAM02 (similar to but not same as type 1 of RZAM01)


Type 2 simple song, RZAM02 (similar to but not same as type 2 of RZAM01)


Type 3 simple song, RZAM02 (same as type 3 of RZAM01)

Type 4 simple song, RZAM02 (not heard from RZAM01)


Tengesdal, 10 km north of Egersund, 7.5 km from Kjervall; 2 birds, RZTE01 and RZTE02, though the identity even as to species of RZTE02 is not certain. Neither bird was recorded at length or well. No complex songs were recorded from either.


Type 1 simple song, RZTE01


Type 2 simple song, RZTE01


Type 1 simple song, RZTE02


Type 2 simple song, RZTE02


Type 3 simple song, RZTE02


Type 4 simple song, RZTE02