This assignment will be graded as check (complete) or check-minus (incomplete). I’ll post instructions for submitting the MATLAB program on moodle.

Get familiar with the class (by Tuesday 9/9)

Please complete the following by next lecture:

  1. Do the math self-assessment. (Solutions are here.)

  2. Read the course policies.

  3. Post on Piazza. Tell everyone something about yourself and share any feedback or questions you have about the class.

  4. Fill out this short anonymous survey to provide some data for the upcoming lectures.

Get started with MATLAB (by Friday 9/12)

Moodle submission link

The purpose of this exercise is to start getting familiar with MATLAB, get some practice learning a new language on your own, and begin to using course resources to collaborate with your classmates. Please complete this before fourth hour on Friday 9/12.

Please consider this a collaborative exercise to be solved with your classmates. Post to Piazza early and often. We want to hear from you!

I will monitor the discussion as well. The only thing I ask is that you do not post your solution.