How to Write a Post

Based on blog guidelines from Cornell networks course

The point of the course blog is to make connections between the course material and online resources discussing topics from the “real world” (current events; technology; history; political, economic, or social theories; academic findings; etc.).

Each post should include the following:

There are many examples of appropriate posts on the Cornell networks course blog.

Feel free to look through these posts (and those from previous offerings of the Cornell course) to get ideas about (1) how to write a post, and (2) potential topics. I encourage you to look around for original topics, but it is also OK to reuse a topic from one of those blog posts. However, it is very important that you contribute your own perspective and cite all sources. In particular, if you choose to use a topic that appeared in a previous post, you must:

When to Write a Post

Group assignments: see Piazza post

Due Date Group
Wed 10/7 A
Sat 10/10 B
Wed 10/14 C
Sat 10/17 D
Wed 10/21 E
Sat 10/24 F
Wed 10/28 A
Sat 10/31 B
Wed 11/4 C
Sat 11/7 D
Wed 11/11 E
Sat 11/14 F
Wed 11/18 A
Sat 11/21 B
Wed 11/25 (thanksgiving)
Sat 11/28 (thanksgiving)
Wed 12/2 C
Sat 12/5 D
Wed 12/9 E
Sat 12/12 F