Shahrooz Pouryousef

PhD Student
College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS)
University of Massachusetts Amherst

my first name at cs dot umass dot edu

About Me

I am a first second third forth fifth year PhD student in College of Information and Computer Sciences (CICS) at UMass Amherst honored to work with Prof. Don Towsley. I earned my M.Sc. degree in Information Technology(Information Security) under supervision of Mehdi Kharrazi from Sharif University of Technology and my BS.c in Information Technology from Shahid Madani University of Azarbayjan-Tabriz.

Research Interests

• Resource allocation in classical and quantum Networks

• Reinforcement Learning for networking problems

• Interdomain routing

• SDN and programmable data planes

• Internet measurement


A Quantum Overlay Network for Efficient Entanglement Distribution paper
Shahrooz Pouryousef , Nitish K. Panigrahy, and Don Towsley.
INFOCOM 2023. New York, USA (May 2023).

Robust Path Selection in Software-defined WANs using Deep Reinforcement Learning paper
Shahrooz Pouryousef , Lixin Gao, and Don Towsley.
The Fifth International Workshop on Intelligent Cloud Computing and Networking (ICCN), INFOCOM 2023. New York, USA (May 2023).

Tradeoff between Privacy and Utility for Location-based Recommendation Services paper
Gao, Zhaoyu, Ahmad Sepahi, Shahrooz Pouryousef ,Lu Zhou, and Haojin Zhu.
ICC 2022. Virtual (May 2022).

Towards Logically Centralized Interdomain Routing paper
Shahrooz Pouryousef , Lixin Gao, and Arun Venkataramani.
USENIX NSDI 2020. Santa Clara, California, USA (February 2020).

Extortion or Expansion? An investigation into the costs and consequences of ICANN's gTLD experiments. paper
Shahrooz Pouryousef , Daniyal Dar, Suleman Ahmad, Phillipa Gill, and Rishab Nithyanand.
PAM 2020,University of Oregon, USA (April 2020).

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