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sgiguere@cs.umass.edu Computer Science Building, Room 266
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About Me:

I am a third year PhD student studying machine learning at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I am a member of the Autonomous Learning Lab under the advising of Professor Sridhar Mahadevan.

My research interests include Optimization, Differential Geometry, and Deep Learning.

I'm currently working to develop new strategies for learning the structure of deep networks, and to better understand the interplay between a network's structure and its effectiveness in particular tasks. In addition, I'm interested in identifying intrinsic geometric properties of machine learning problems and using them to develop representations that are useful for tasks such as transfer learning and dimensionality reduction.

Besides these interests, I have worked alongside Professor Darby Dyar to automatically construct optimized preprocessing techniques for interpreting spectroscopic data, such as from the Mars Curiosity rover.

You can look at my CV here.