Arnold L. Rosenberg

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We study the design and use of computing systems and communication networks. Current projects include scheduling "collaborative" computations on modern computing platforms (including [heterogeneous] clusters, computational grids, and the Internet), designing efficient communication protocols, creating virtual parallel architectures via algorithms (including fault tolerance), determining the computational consequences of advances in technology, and developing supporting mathematical techniques.

Research Areas

Orchestrating Communication in Networks
  • communication paradigms: wormhole routing, virtual circuit routing, packet switching
  • communication primitives
  • fault-tolerant protocols
  • randomized protocols
  • time-constrained communication
  • protocols for asymmetric communication channels
  • bandwidth efficient parallel and distributed computation
  • wireless and mobile communication
Fault Tolerance in Networks
  • fault-tolerant communication protocols
  • "soft" and "hard" reconfiguration of hardware

Scheduling Parallel Computations
  • the many modalities of cluster computing
  • the many modalities of Internet-based computing
    • Grid computing
    • Web computing
    • P2P computing
Enabling Mathematics
  • graph embeddings
  • network emulations
  • network layout
  • probabilistic analysis
  • randomized algorithms


Faculty Adjunct Faculty
  • Mikkel Thorup
    ATT Research

Graduate Students

Tel: (413) 545-2502
Fax: (413) 545-1249
  • Qunfeng Dong
  • Brent Heeringa
  • Junning Liu
  • Harish Venkataramani
  • Matt Yurkewych

  • Karren Sacco
    Off: CMPS 300
    Tel: (413) 577-0292, Fax: (413) 545-1249

Alumni and Former Visitors

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