About Me

I am a graduate research student in the Autonomous Learning Laboratory of the College of Information and Computer Sciences, University of Massachusetts. I am interested to work on the intersection of Machine learning methods and Computer Vision. Prior to this I worked as Visiting Researcher in Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. with Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee. I completed my Masters in Computer Science in the year 2015, from the same institute. My primary research interest is in non-linear learning models in Computer Vision. I particularly enjoy working on methods that exploit the local geometry of real world images in a non-linear model, and use statistical models to infer their characteristics. I am also interested in shape representations and predictive modeling. My current research is aimed at the generalized closed-form solution to the pre-image problem in kernel learning.


  • Detection and recognition of texts in maps
    Guide: Prof. Erik Learned-Miller (UMass Amherst)

    • Creating Harder CAPTCHA using GANs
      Guide: Prof. Sridhar Mahadevan (UMass Amherst)

    • Canonicalizing Neural Networks
      Guide: Prof. Erik Learned Miller (UMass Amherst)

    • Object Detection and Recognition from Images
      Guide: Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee (ISI Kolkata)

    • Sammon’s Mapping Using a Revised Distance Strategy
      Guide: Dr. Swagatam Das (ISI Kolkata)

    • Estimation of Image Features Representing Facial & Emotions for Emotion Synthesis (awarded best dissertation)
      Guide: Prof. Dipti Prasad Mukherjee (ISI Kolkata)

    • Statistical Analysis of Human Expressions
      Guide: Dr. Hiranmay Ghosh (TCS Innovation Labs) & Dr. Ehtesham Hassan (TCS Innovation Labs)

    • Frame Based Audio Signal Processing using DSK6713
      Guide: Dr. Sarbani Palit (ISI Kolkata)

    • Thread Library Implementation in Pintos
      Guide: Dr. Mandar Mitra (ISI Kolkata)

    • Minimum Enclosing Circle of a Set of Points & two Mobile Points
      Guide: Dr. Sandip Das (ISI Kolkata)

    • Facial Recognition using Fiducial Points & Graph Matching
      Guide: Prof. Animesh Hazra (Jalpaiguri Govt. Engg. College)

    • Spectral Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data
      Guide: Arati Paul (RRSC-E, ISRO)


I am a philatelist and an avid reader. I like absurdist fiction (Franz Kafka), postmodern literatures (Orhan Pamuk) and historical non-fiction. I love the works of Sir P. G. Wodehouse, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Satyajit Ray and Roald Dahl. I am also a huge Marvel and DC fan. Besides I am an audiophile and at my leisure I like to play my guitar. I also like to play cricket and football (soccer).


College of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Massachusetts
140 Governors Drive
Amherst, MA 01003-9264
Mobile: 413.992.9222
talk2archan AT gmail DOT com
ray AT cs DOT umass DOT edu