Pinar Ozisik

Ph.D. in Computer Science
College of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Massachusetts Amherst


I am currently in the job market, looking for a position in industry or academia (mainly postdocs). Please feel free to email me if you think I'd be a good fit for your group. Here is a copy of my CV.

I completed my Ph.D. in UMass Amherst, where I was a member of the Cryptoeconomics Lab, working with Prof. Brian Levine, and was co-affiliated with the Autonomous Learning Lab, collaborating with Prof. Philip Thomas. My thesis focused on the analysis and application of concentration inequalities (also known as tail inequalities) to preserve the desirable properties of a given system. More specifically, I worked on a protocol that used tail inequalities to improve the network performance of blockchain systems; and I analyzed the susceptibility of a class of reinforcement learning algorithms that leveraged tail inequalities to data poisoning attacks.


Jun. 2021 I gave a talk at the Facebook Novi System Research Seminar.
Feb. 2021 I officially graduated! My thesis, titled Concentration Inequalities in the Wild: Case Studies in Blockchain & Reinforcement Learning, is online.
Aug. 2020 I defended my thesis!
Sep. 2020 Our new paper, titled Security Analysis of Safe and Seldonian Reinforcement Learning Algorithms, is accepted to NeurIPS 2020!
Sep. 2019 Here is the new freshman seminar I'm teaching this semester.
Jun. 2019 Our new paper on Graphene is accepted to SIGCOMM 2019! You can take a look here.
Sep. 2018 Check out the freshman seminar I'm teaching this semester here.
Nov. 2017 Check out the discussion about our new block propagation protocol, Graphene. Bitcoin Unlimited even mentioned that they might implement it here!
Jan. 2017 You can find our tutorial explaining the derivation of Nakamato's double-spend attack here.
Jun. 2016 I'm off to New Mexico to attend the Complex Systems Summer School in the Santa Fe Institute!
May 2016 I passed the qualifying exam and now am a Ph.D. Candidate!
May 2015 I'm going to intern at a defense company, Systems and Technology Research, as part of the Analysis and Decision Systems team.
Apr. 2013 I received the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship (now called Women Techmakers Scholarship). Thank you very much Google!


Academic Experience

Industry Experience

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