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Works displayed by this website (images, poems, etc.) are created by computer programs written by Pengshan.
Based on the initial work, Penghshan and his friends did minnor revisions
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the trees
the nautius
From the structure of trees,to the shape of pearly nautilus
from the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa, to the charming posture of Venus de Milo
Things that seems unrelevant, are related by some uniform principle
Everything follows the principles, The most profound of which takes the simpliest form read more
Fill in the body of Gaussian distribution with the soul of uncertainty
Reconstruct the beauty of nature using the pen of computing
Have you ever thought, if Chouyu Zheng was born in Tang Dynasty, how would he write the poem Mistake?
Would the romantic ideas of Albert Leung fit into seven-character quatrains?
Li Bai versus Su Shi,how do literature masters of different times compete each other fairly?
To find answers,we built the classical Chinese poem generation model Interpoetry
Based on unsupervised machine translation model, it converts vernacular Chinese to classical Chinese poems
Let the feelings from literature masters of all times, flow through the of rhythm of Tang Dynasty

Break the boundry of poetry, coming up for AI

Visit interpoetry's Github page
the poem

the fish
When I was a kid, my father bought me a big box of Lego
Based on the simple component, I build castles, drawbridges, towers, robots, aerospaceplanes and space stations
They held up my dreams and grew up with me
Now I've grown up, I want to build for my baby a

Math Lego

Based on the property of different derivitives, it could forge component of graceful curves
Making up splendid patterns on a Matplotlib paper
I wish this Lego would accompany him (or her) when he (or she) grows up
Although I still have no idea who his (or her) mother is going to be
Visit Math-Lego's Github page
the sun

More imaginations, to be continued...



Pengshan Cai

CS PhD student in UMass Amherst,major in Natural langiage processing
Persuing perfectionism and artisan spirit
Loves cooking!
Friends matters to me more than money
Loves music, in a band with other CS PhD students from UMass Amherst

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the poem