Pedram Rooshenas

Maharan Engineering Group:
  • I have analyzed and designed an Industrial Network Protocol based on EN 50129. This protocol should ensure that the peers receive all packets with error rate of 10e-9 which is suitable for the application of Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4). I have incorporated a redundancy level of 2-out-of-2 (2oo2) into the protocol to reduce its error rate. Moreover, I have developed a prototype of the protocol to show its performance.

  • One of the most challenging task of me in Maharan Engineering Group was Software Error Effect Analysis (SEEA). SEEA is a software variation of Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA). Since few literatures were published on SEEA, I had to try many ways to approach SEEA. Eventually, I developed an SEEA plan and implemented my plan.

  • My last task was finding a feasible way to qualify Linux Kernel 2.6 for using in SIL4. This work sounds impracticable at the first glance, but I found some solutions.
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