Nicolas Scarrci

I am a graduate of Umass Amherst where I received my bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science. I am currently employed at the Center for Educational Software Development at Umass.

The majority of my work for the CESD is in web development, including server side coding and drupal.

On a personal note I am interested in video game development and am currently engaged in developing a game using the Unreal Engine.

I am also interested in music visualization software, and interactive music composition software.

Undergraduate Work

If you are interested in stream algorithms or algorithm visualization then you may find this link interesting. SAVY is an extendible algorithm visualization environment and was the result of my senior capstone project.

More about the capstone experience can be found at the honors college website.

Graduate Work

For my master's project I implemented a custom evaluator for OWL that was used for a databases course at GCC.


At the moment I teach two 1 credit pass/fail courses per semester.