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Electronic Enterprise Institute
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University of Massachusetts
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Dr. Norman K. Sondheimer is co-Director of the Electronic Enterprise Institute (EEI) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a Senior Research Fellow in the University's Computer Science Department. EEI is dedicated to bringing UMass Amherst faculty together with business and government units to devise new approaches to the interdisciplinary challenges posed by electronic enterprises and to investigate fundamental issues that underlie digital government, electronic commerce and the virtual enterprise. The EEI has been active in areas such as Computer-Mediated Deliberation, Equipment Health Management, Electronic Health Records and Online Dispute Resolution. He previously served as Dean's Executive Professor at the University's Isenberg School of Management. He has held full-time positions at the United Technology Research Center, GE Global Research, the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute, Sperry Univac and the Ohio State University.

Dr. Sondheimer has championed efforts in equipment maintenance for many years. He has supervised the fielding of diagnostic tools for medical imaging, locomotive, jet engine and building systems equipment. He helped lead the effort to create remote monitoring centers. Most recently with the Auton Lab at the Carnegie Mellon University, he responded to a challenge by the US Air Force to prove Collective Mind ideas on data routinely collected by them from maintenance and supply activity. This proved so successful that the team was permitted to transition the tool into regular use on the largest fleet of US Air Force planes. Plans are now underway to use the ideas throughout the US Air Force. The US Navy has now asked the team to meet the challenge of including in the Collective Mind analysis built-in-test and sensor data from their V-22 Osprey fleet.

Dr. Sondheimer has championed patient engagement to improve the data quality of Electronic Health records. A key objective of the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan is to "accelerate individual and caregiver access to their electronic health information in a format they can use and reuse." It is highly likely that patients and their families will identify errors, discrepancies, omissions, out of date information and other data quality issues in their medical records. Dr. Sondheimer and Professor Ethan Katsh have joined NORC at the University of Chicago to explore methods of engaging patients to improve their own data.

Dr. Sondheimer has published and presented dozens of papers on a variety of information technology topics worldwide and is a widely invited speaker with many keynote speeches, conference panels and university seminar appearances. In addition to corporate support, the bulk of his research has been supported by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and other DoD organizations,the National Science Foundation and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Sondheimer has consulted for and served on advisory committees for such organizations as the United States Department of Commerce, the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Information Technology Division, DARPA and Bell Laboratories. He has served on the Information Technology Councils for GE and United Technology Corporation, as President of the Association for Computational Linguistics, and on the boards of the Digital Government Society of North America and the American Federation of Information Processing Societies.


Ph.D., Computer Sciences, 1975, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A., Computer Sciences, 1970, University of Wisconsin-Madison
A.B., Mathematics and English, 1968, Carnegie Mellon University