portrait Mohammad Rostami

PhD Student,
College of Information and Computer Scienses,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Address: 313 Lederle Graduate Research Center, Amherst, MA, 01003

Email: mrostami[at]cs.umass.edu

I am a CICS (College of Information & Computer Sciences) PhD student at UMASS Amherst. I also hold a master's degree from CICS since May 2018. I work as a graduate research assistant under supervision of Dr. Ganesan who leads the Sensors Lab in our department.


11/22/208: Resuming research at Sensors Lab.

5/14/2018: Starting internship at NEC Labs of America Inc., Princeton, NJ.

5/11/2018: Getting my master's degree!

5/8/2018: Our paper "Polymorphic radios" got accepted in ACM Sigcomm 2018!


Mohammad Rostami, Jeremy Gummeson, Ali Kiaghadi, Deepak Ganesan, "Polymorphic radios: A new design paradigm for ultra-low power communication", SIGCOMM 2018.

Pengyu Zhang, Mohammad Rostami, Pan Hu, Deepak Ganesan, "Enabling practical backscatter communication for on-body sensors", SIGCOMM 2016.

Pan Hu, Pengyu Zhang, Mohammad Rostami, Deepak Ganesan, "Braidio: An integrated active-passive radio for mobile devices with asymmetric energy budgets", SIGCOMM 2016.