Mashrur RashikCS PhD @ UMass Amherst

Hello, my name is Mashrur Rashik. I am a Ms/PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. My research interest lies in the field of Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Prior to this, I spent a year at TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd as a Machine Learning Engineer. Apart from research, I love problem-solving and software development. During my undergraduate studies, I was an active participant in competitive programming and won a couple of hackathons.

  • Birthdate : 23 September 1997
  • Phone : +880 1729787963
  • E-mail : |


Work Experience

Sep 01, 2021 - Present

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Massachusetts Amherst

COMPSCI 325: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

June 25, 2020 - July 31, 2021

Software Engineer - Machine Learning

TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd

Worked with NLP as a member of the R&D team
* Worked on state-of-the-art Question Answering models
* Built industrial level ChatBot using rasa
* Worked on neural and rule-based Machine Translation


Sep, 2021 - Present

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Ms/PhD in Computer Science

College of Information and Computer Sciences

Advisor: Dr. Narges Mahyar

Jan, 2016 - Dec, 2019

University of Dhaka - CGPA: 3.92 / 4.0

Bachelor of Science

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Thesis: Exploring Ways to Scale-up Exact Inference Based DCOP Algorithms in Multi-Agent Systems

Advisor: Dr. Md. Mamun-or-Rashid, Dr. Md. Mosaddek Khan


Machine Learning Libraries: Scikit Learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Transformers, Haystack

Programming Languages: C/C++, JAVA, Python

Mobile Application Development: Android

Database: MySQL, Oracle SQL, MongoDB, Firestore

Cloud Platform: Google Firebase

Web Programming: JavaScript, Python (Flask)

Research and Projects


Under Review

An Artificial Bee Colony Based Algorithm for Continuous Distributed Constrained Optimization Problems

Oct 10, 2020

Speeding Up Distributed Pseudo-tree Optimization Procedures with Cross Edge Consistency to Solve DCOPs

Journal: Applied Intelligence - Springer

Impact Factor: 3.325 (2019)

See Publication
Feb 25, 2018

Athletio: Data Driven Fitness Application

International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and Information Security

Poster Publication

See Poster

Projects - An E-commerce Search Engine

An e-commerce website consisting of products from different fashion brands. A user can compare the products to make the best choice among similar products through comparison. Besides, a complete delivery system has been implemented.

CS Simulate - A Web Based Algorithm Simulator

A web-based algorithm simulator developed by me along with my two other team mem- bers. Includes simulation of machine learning algorithms like K Means Clustering, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, algorithms from linear algebra like Eigen Value Decomposition, Gaussian Elimina- tion, Gauss Jordan Elimination, algorithms from database management like Static Hashing, Dynamic Hashing and different Iterative Dynamic Programming algorithms.

Athletio - An Android Based Fitness Application

Athletio is a fitness application for android devices. It can be used for workout tracking of different types. Besides it also includes the google map feature for finding a nearby place. It includes a chatbot for providing medical tips, which is an AIML bot. There is also social media for sharing photos and updating workout status. The social media includes its very own messenger. Includes VR to provide users a different environment during workouts.

CS Classroom - A Web Based Classroom Management Application

A fully functional classroom management application. Includes features like creating a class with unique class code and enrolling students. It contains a forum for students to post articles and an online IDE for Computer Science students to be able to code and at the same time, execute their code online.

Shorai - Hotel Booking and Management Application

A web application for hotel search. Includes fully functional hotel management.

Search Engine - Desktop Application

Java-based desktop application, which can do both text and image search. Used text matching for any queries and image name matching in case of image search. Users are also able to search over popular search engines like, google, yahoo, duckduckgo.

Zombie Crush - Desktop Game

A desktop game developed using cpp and SFML graphics library.



Bangabandhu Innovation Grant

BDT 1 million (11,000 USD)

The Bangabandhu Innovation Grant was awarded to the top 10 startup ideas from over 2000 participants at 'Student to Startup, Chapter 2'.


Code Samurai Inter-University Hackathon




Student to Startup - Chapter 2




DUITS IT Festival


Category: IT Project Showcasing


City University Inter University Programming Contest

5th Position

Team: DU Inferno