Natalie's picture for Christmas 1999 (age 4)

Natalie Moss

The Woodside Children's Center Alumni, Summer 2000 (Natalie age 5)

Woodside Alumni

Casandra's journey to our family

In Romania before Hannah's visit (Jan/Feb 2000? Age 10 months?)

Casandra in late 1999 / early 2000

Hannah visits Casandra in Romania, March 2000 (age 11 months)

Hannah holding Casandra, March 2000 visit

Feeding time at Paltinis, March 2000 (age 11 months)

Feeding time

A view of the village of Paltinis, March 2000

View of Paltinis

A picture of Casandra in Romania, May 2000 (age 14 months)

Casandra with doll

Just after our arrival in Paltinis, June 2000 (age 15 months)

On arrival at Paltinis

In Dad's lap at Paltinis

Making friends with Dad

Eating from Dad's hand in the living room at Paltinis

A snack

Casandra getting a bath (in the Bucharest hotel bidet!)

Getting a bath

Casandra's fashion statement in the hotel

A fashion statement

Casandra quite lively in Bronxville the morning after arriving in the US

First morning in the US

Home to Amherst at last!

Home at last

The sisters meeting for the first time

The sisters meet

First play time together

First play together

The happy family of four a couple of weeks later

All four together

The girls as dress up princesses, September 2001

Dress-up princesses