Myungha Jang

Ph.D. Candidate
College of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Massachusetts Amherst


I am a final-year Ph.D. Candidate at UMass Amherst working with James Allan in the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval (CIIR) . I have been working on detecting, modeling, and explaining controversy on the Web. After my PhD, I will be joining at Facebook as a research scientist the end of this year starting from the next Feburary! Here is a copy of my CV and Google Scholar.


May 2018 I passed a proposal defense! [PDF]
Apr 2018 Our short paper, "Explaining Controversy on Social Media via Stance Summarization" has been accepted to SIGIR 2018!
Mar 2018 Our paper, "Visualizing Polarity-based Stances of News Websites" has been accepted to ECIR-NewsIR Workshop!
June 2017 Our paper, "Modeling Controversy within Populations" has been accepted to ICTIR 2017 [Slides]
Feb 2017 I will be interning at Facebook Search Team in Menlo Park, CA this summer!
Oct 2016 I recieved the 2016 KOCSEA Graduate Scholarship
Aug 2016 I won a 2016 SIGIR Student Travel Grant for CIKM.
Aug 2016 I recieved the Best Poster Award at UKC 2016.
July 2016 Our short paper, "Probabilistic Approaches to Controversy Detection" is accepted to CIKM 2016.
May 2016 I won a 2016 SIGIR Student Travel Grant for SIGIR.
May 2016 Our paper, "Automatically Detecting Controversy on the Web" is accepted to UKC 2016 .
May 2016 Our short paper, "Improving Automated Controversy Detection on the Web" is accepted at SIGIR 2016!
Dec 2015 I passed the qualifying exam and now am a Ph.D. Candidate!
Sep 2015 I served as a student volunteer at ICTIR 2015.
July 2015 I served as a short paper reviewer at EMNLP 2015.
May 2015 This summer I worked at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown heights in NY, working with an awesome mentor Kenneth W. Church.


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