Andrew McGregor

Associate Professor

The following are draft chapters from a forthcoming book on linear sketching and data stream algorithms. Please email any corrections and comments. The files are password-protected so also email me for a password.

Chapter Last Updated Comments
Introduction N/A N/A
Algorithms for Signals 10/27/13 N/A
Algorithms for Matrices N/A N/A
Algorithms for Graphs (see here for a related survey on graph streams) 1/16/14 N/A
Algorithms for Geometric Problems N/A N/A
Algorithms for Sequences N/A N/A
Lower Bounds and Communication Complexity N/A N/A
Sliding Windows N/A N/A
Stochastic Streams N/A N/A
Distributed Streams N/A N/A
Here are a set of slides based on the material in the book: