Teaching Evaluations for Graduate Seminar
"Statistical Information Extraction" CMPSCI 791S
Spring 2003

1. The instructor was well-prepared for class 4.59 / 5
2. The instructor explained course material clearly 4.35 / 5
3. The instructor cleared up points of confusion 4.29 / 5
4. The instructor used class time well 4.06 / 5
5. The instructor inspired insterest in the subject matter 4.94 / 5
6. The instructor showed a personal interest in helping 4.71 / 5
7. I received useful feedback 3.82 / 5
8. The methods of evaluating work were fair 4.76 / 5
9. The instructor stimulated student participation 4.82 / 5
10. Overall, how much to do feel you learned? 4.29 / 5
11. Overall rating of instructors teaching 4.59 / 5
12. Overall rating of this course 4.69 / 5

Written Student Responses:

"Conducive to good discussion. Very willing to work course to the desires of the students. Comfortable environment for everyone to particpate in discussion."

"This was one of the best courses I've ever taken."

"Shows 'big picture' relations between seemingly different models."

"Nice to see a professor excited about teaching and willing to try new things. Great blend of seminar and lecture styles."

"This was sort of a crash course in advanced ML and in some basic statistical modeling for me---and I feel like I am light years forward of where I was in January. The material was compelling and the discussion of it always enriching and entertaining."

"While more work was required than other seminars, it was in a low-pressure environment."

"I would have loved to see some sort of 'text' for the course."

Suggestion: "A little more emphasis on projects early in the semester."