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How To Run PST

The PST program has a command line interface, as is customary for Unix environments.

The PST program constructs a postscript file that produces a plot of the tree. The program will place the plot on as many pages as needed, including directions for how to cut and paste the pages. One can control the font size, which provides some control over the size of the plot.

To run PST, type:

pst [[-c][-f..][-s..]]* file

The `file' argument must be the name of a file with a .pst extension (but don't type the .pst). Such a file is created by ITI when it is given the -d option.


Include the count of instances of each class.
Use the specified (by name) font. See the fonts directory included with ITI for the possibilities. The default is Helvetica-Narrow.
Use the specified (by point) font size. Integer or real values are permitted. The default font size is 6.0;

Last Updated: July 25, 1997
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