COMPSCI 391L/591L: Computer Crime Law

Next semester (Fall 2016) I am teaching COMPSCI 391L/591L: Computer Crime Law. COMPSCI 391L/591L is a study, analysis, and discussion of the legal issues related to crimes involving computers and networks, including topical actions by dissidents and governments. We will also study the technologies of forensic investigation, intelligence gathering, privacy enhancement, and censorship resistance.

Our main legal topics will include recent and important case law, statutes, and constitutional clauses concerning authorization, access, search and seizure, wiretaps, the right to privacy, and FISA. Our technology topics will include methods of investigation and resistance in the context of the Internet and Cellular networks. Students are assumed to have no background in legal concepts. All students will be required to complete substantial legal readings, complete significant written analysis of rulings, learn about technologies in detail, and participate in lively class discussion. Graduate students enrolled in 591L will be expected to read selected current law and technical articles and to analyze state-of-the-art systems in the context of law and policy.

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Marc Liberatore
Marc Liberatore
Senior Teaching Faculty

My research interests include anonymity systems, file and network forensics, and computer science pedagogy.