CICS 210: Data Structures – Spring 2024

An introduction to the design, analysis, and implementation of data structures. This course teaches you how to build, test, debug, document, and evaluate objects that encapsulate data and their associated operations using programming constructs and data abstractions of a modern programming language. Concepts and techniques covered include linear and non-linear structures, recursive structures and algorithms, traversal algorithms, binary search trees, balanced trees, priority queues, union-find, hash tables, bloom filters, and graphs. We will also informally compare and contrast the run time efficiency of algorithms and their performance characteristics including the concept of worst-case running time analysis and the classification of algorithms in terms of constant, logarithmic, linear, log linear, quadratic, and exponential time using Big-O notation. (Gen. Ed. R2) Prerequisite: CICS 160 (previously INFO 190T). 4 credits.