Introduction to Data Analysis in R

CICS 109 (formerly 197R)
1-credit course for non-majors
Instructor: Jasper McChesney

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Spring 2024 Details

Mondays 2:30–3:20
Hasbrouck Lab Addition #113

Spring 2024 Syllabus (or download PDF)

Catalog Description

An introduction to data analysis in the open-source R language, with an emphasis on practical data work. Topics will include data wrangling, summary statistics, modeling, and visualization. Will also cover fundamental programming concepts including data types, functions, flow of control, and good programming practices. Intended for a broad range of students outside of computer science. Some familiarity with statistics is expected. No prerequisites. 1 credit. Pass/fail grading.

You may also view my Philosophy and Approach to the course.

Registration and Eligibility

As a one-hundred-level course, priority is given to first and second-year undergraduate non-majors. Other undergraduates and graduate students will potentially be admitted, with an over-ride form from the department:

CICS Course Override

Useful Materials

Base R Cheat Sheet (PDF)