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I work in the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, with my advisor, James Allan.

I am broadly interested in information retrieval and extraction in challenging domains, such as scanned books, multimedia and the open web.

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S2016,F2016,S2017 I am teaching CS197C, a six-week 1-credit Programming in C course for CS Majors/Minors.

S2017 I taught Building a Digital Library, a full 3-credit senior project course at Mount Holyoke College for CS Majors.

S2016,F2016,S2017 I taught CS197U, a six-week 1-credit introduction to *nix course for CS Majors/Minors.

F2015: I was a volunteer teacher/organizer for the CSWomen-sponsored technical skills workshops. The goal of these workshops was to support undergraduate and graduate students of diverse backgrounds and to create a collaborative atmosphere for learning.

S2015: I was the TA for CS446, the undergraduate course on Information Retrieval.

S2014: I was enrolled in EDUC595K, a 3-credit introduction to College Teaching. We learned to design syllabi, to plan and teach 10-minute lectures and read from current education literature.