Comp. Sci. 691M: Logic and Formal Methods, Fall, 1996

Meeting Times: MW 9:05-10:20, LGRC: A339

Instructor: Neil Immerman

Aim of the Course: We will provide introductions to propositional, predicate, and modal logics. These will be studied and used throughout the course as tools for the specification and verification of properties of programs and protocols.


  1. First-Order Logic: propositional logic, predicate logic, completeness and compactness theorems, semantics via quantifier games, Gödel's incompleteness theorem.
  2. Modal logic: temporal logic and logics of knowledge, axiomitization, semantics via Kripke structures.
  3. Applications: (These may change slightly according to the background and interests of the students.)
Requirements: Students will be expected to participate in class. There will be three problem sets concerning the introductory material on first-order and modal logic. Each student will choose a more advanced topic to study in detail. He or she will write a short paper and give a lecture on this topic.

Texts: For first-order logic, we will follow Logic and Structure, Third Edition, by Dirk van Dalen, Springer-Verlag. This is available at the Jeffery Amherst College Store in downtown Amherst. For the rest of the course, we will follow selected research papers.

Prerequisites: Sufficient mathematical sophistication. If you are unsure whether you have it, try looking at van Dalen and/or come talk with me.

Notes and Handouts: