Comp. Sci. 513 and 690LG Logic in Computer Science Fall, 2019

Meeting times: M, W, 9:05 - 10:20, CS 142. Note: first meeting will be Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

Instructor: Neil Immerman

CMPSCI 513: Office Hours, Fall 2019
Neil Immerman, CS 374, TBA, and by appointment.





What is this course about? Rigorous introduction to mathematical logic from an algorithmic perspective.

Prerequisites: CMPSCI 311

Requirements: Class participation, biweekly problem sets, a midterm, and a final. Note that these two courses: Comp. Sci. 513 and 690LG will meet together, but the requirements for 690LG will be more rigorous: there will be extra problems, extra readings and instead of the final, there will be a final project.

Final Projects: each student in 690LG will do a project in which he or she investigates a logic-and-cs topic more extensively than we cover in class, or a topic that we don't cover. This can be practical: learning a tool, or a pair of tools to compare: understanding how they work and putting them through their paces. It can involve writing code, or it can involve checking the correctness of programs or designs. It can be theoretical: reading several technical papers and explaining what you have learned. More detail will be provided soon.

For 513 students, the default is to take the final exam. If you are a 513 student who would like to do a final project in addition or in lieu of the final exam, please email me with your ideas about a proposed project.

Required text: Uwe Schoning, Logic for Computer Scientists, 2008 Birkhauser, paperback. We will do this whole book, and read various papers as well.

Partial List of Systems and Tools that some of us will use and/or learn about:

This course provides credit towards the Five College Logic Certificate Program.