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\newcommand{\bsl}{{\it Bulletin of Symbolic Logic }}
\newcommand{\cav}{{\it Computer Aided Verification, Proc. Intl. Conf.}}
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\newcommand{\eatcs}{{\it Bull.~ European Assoc.~Theoretical Comp.~Sci. }}
\newcommand{\focs}{{\it IEEE Found.~of Comp.~Sci.~Symp. }}
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\newcommand{\IC}{{\it Information and Computation}}
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\newcommand{\jsl}{{\it J.~Symbolic Logic }}
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\newcommand{\mst}{{\it Math.~Systems Theory }}
\newcommand{\popl}{{\it ACM Symp.~Principles of Programming Languages }}
\newcommand{\sicomp}{{\it SIAM J.~Comput. }}
\newcommand{\tcs}{{\it Theoret.~Comp.~Sci. }}

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