Huaizu Jiang

PhD Student
College of Information and Computer Sciences
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Email: hzjiang AT

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About Me

I am a fifth-year PhD student at Computer Vision Lab of University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I am fortunately advised by Prof. Erik Learned-Miller. I also collaborate with Prof. Subhransu Maji. I got my M.E. and B.E. degrees from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2009 and 2012, respectively. I received Adobe Fellowship and NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship in 2019.

I have broad interests in computer vision, computational photography, machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence in general.

Ph.D. Research Projects

SENSE: a Shared Encoder for Scene flow Estimation
Huaizu Jiang, Deqing Sun, Varun Jampani, , Zhaoyang Lv, Erik Learned-Miller, Jan Kautz
in ICCV 2019 (Oral).
[PDF][Supp Mat][Code (coming soon)]
Automatic adaptation of object detectors to new domains using self-training
Aruni Roy Chowdhury, Prithvijit Chakrabarty, Ashish Singh, SouYoung Jin, Huaizu Jiang, Liangliang Cao, Erik Learned-Miller
in CVPR 2019.
[PDF][Supp Mat][Project][Code]
Self-Supervised Relative Depth Learning for Urban Scene Understanding
Huaizu Jiang, Gustav Larsson, Michael Maire, Greg Shakhnarovich, Erik Learned-Miller
in ECCV 2018.
[PDF][Supp Mat][Project] A short version appeared in CVPR 2017 SUN workshop.
Unsupervised Hard Example Mining from Videos for Improved Object Detection
SouYoung Jin*, Aruni Roy Chowdhury*, Huaizu Jiang, Ashish Singh, Aditya Prasad, Deep Chakraborty, Erik Learned-Miller
in ECCV 2018.
Super SloMo: High Quality Estimation of Multiple Intermediate Frames for Video Interpolation
Huaizu Jiang, Deqing Sun, Varun Jampani, Ming-Hsuan Yang, Erik Learned-Miller, Jan Kautz
in CVPR 2018 (spotlight).
[PDF][Video1][Video2][CVPR Spotlight Video][Project][UCF101 Results]
Reasoning about Fine-grained Attribute Phrases using Reference Games
Jong-Chyi Su*, Chenyun Wu*, Huaizu Jiang, Subhransu Maji
in ICCV 2017.
[PDF][Code and Data][Project]
Face Detection with the Faster R-CNN
Huaizu Jiang, Erik Learned-Miller
in FG (IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition) 2017.

Previous Research Projects

Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark
Ali Borji, Ming-Ming Cheng, Huaizu Jiang, Jia Li
in TIP 2015.

Salient Object Detection: A Discriminative Regional Feature Integration Approach
Huaizu Jiang, Jingdong Wang, Zejian Yuan, Yang Wu, Nanning Zheng, Shipeng Li
in CVPR, 2013 and IJCV 2017
[CVPR version][IJCV version] [MATLAB Code] [C++ Code] [Groundtruth of MSRA-B] [Project]

Automatic Salient Object Segmentation Based on Context and Shape Prior
Huaizu Jiang, Jingdong Wang, Zejian Yuan, Tie Liu, Nanning Zheng, Shipeng Li
in BMVC 2011.
[PDF] [Code]

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