Haibin Huang

Haibin Huang

Office: 256 Computer Science Building

140 Governors Drive, Amherst, MA 01003

hbhuang at cs dot umass dot edu

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About Me

I finished my Ph.D. in August 2017. During my Ph.D., I worked in the Computer Graphics Research Group with Prof. Evangelos Kalogerakis and Prof. Rui Wang. Before joining UMass Amherst, I obtained my bachelor's and master's degrees in Department of Mathematics , Zhejiang University

Research Interests

Computer graphics, Computer Vision, Machine learning

Work Experience


Research intern, Computational Science Research Group

February 2017 ~ August 2017

Research intern, Imagination Lab, Adobe Research

May 2015 ~ January 2016


Zhaoliang Lun*, Changqing Zou*, Haibin Huang, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Ping Tan, Marie-Paule Cani, Hao Zhang

Xiaoguang Han*, Zhen Li*, Haibin Huang, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Yizhou Yu
IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision(ICCV) 2017. (Spotlight presentation)

Haibin Huang, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Siddhartha Chaudhuri, Duygu Ceylan, Vladimir Kim, Ersin Yumer
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 2017. (To be presented at SIGGRAPH 2018)

Amir Arsalan Soltani, Haibin Huang, Jiajun Wu, Tejas Kulkarni, Joshua Tenenbaum
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2017

Haibin Huang, Evangelos Kalogerakis, M. Ersin Yumer , Radomir Mech
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 23, No. 8, 2017

Haibin Huang, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Benjamin Marlin
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 34, No. 5, 2015 (SGP 2015)

Chongyang Ma, Haibin Huang, Alla Sheffer, Evangelos Kalogerakis, Rui Wang
Computer Graphics Forum, Vol 33, Issue 2, 175--184 (Eurographics 2014)
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Yahan Zhou, Haibin Huang, Li-Yi Wei, Rui Wang
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), 31(4) (SIGGRAPH 2012)


Haibin Huang
Umass Amherst, August 2017

Professional Activities

Paper reviewer

  • CVPR 2018
  • Eurographics 2018
  • Pacific Graphics 2015, 2016
  • Graphical Models
  • Computer Graphics Forum
  • Computers & Graphics
  • Misc

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