Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 15:55:00 -0400
From: Charles Sutton 
Subject: TEA in the Atrium in 5 minutes

This week we TEA totallers wanted to do something to make TEA special after
our long hiatus.  So this week, TEA Totaller Charles Sutton will prove
anything.  Yes, absolutely anything.  Just give him a set of axioms and a
theorem, and he will give you a proof.  (That is, a proof of that theorem from
those axioms.)  A few rules, though:

  1. You are on your honor to ask Charles to prove only true
      statements.  Otherwise, he will spend the rest of
      eternity fruitlessly searching for a proof, and then
      no one else will get a chance.

  2. Of course, Charles cannot guarantee exactly *when*
      you'll get your proof.  For example, if you asked him
      to prove that P /= NP (but what if it's false? see #1),
      you might have to wait until tomorrow.

  3. Dan Bernstein gets the first question.

TEA this week is sponsored by Micah Adler.  As always, we are

   Your obedient savants,

     The TEA Totallers

P.S. In order to satisfy the vanity of one of the TEA totallers
(hint: not Laylaa), the TEA messages are now archived online at

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