Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 15:55:00 -0500
From: Charles Sutton 
Subject: TEA in the Atrium in 5 minutes

In order to improve our TEAs, we would like some information from you, the

As responsible TEA totallers, we have maintained a copious set of attributes
of the TEAs this semester: outdoor temperature, number of Chips Ahoy cookies,
weight of the Brie slice, etc.  All we need from you is to know whether you
actually liked the teas, that is, you would send the TEA totallers an email
such as


where a '+' on line i indicates that you liked TEA on week i and a '-'
indicates otherwise.  Leave the line blank if you could not attend; our
classifier is robust vis a vis missing values.

Using this data, we will be able to run a decision tree inducer to determine
which features are most essential for successful TEAs.  After future TEAs this
semester, feel free to send us an email with a single plus or minus, and we'll
incrementally update our classifier.

Oh, TEA this week is sponsored by Paul Utgoff and the Machine Learning


  Your obedient savants,

    The TEA totallers,

      Laylaa Ali and Charles Sutton

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