Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 16:01:42 -0500
Subject: TEA in the Atrium in 5 minuets
From: Charles Sutton 


It's a new semester, so here we are, a new pair of TEA Totallers, Laylaa Ali
and Charles Sutton. Even though we're new at this, we've tried very hard to
learn the accumulated TEA lore, so hopefully everything will be just prefect.
We have cookies, bread, Brie, vegatables, oh yeah, and TEA.  Gosh, I hope we
didn't forget anyting!

Bring your mug, bring yourself, bring your Valentine.  Better yet, bring 
my Valentine... 
But come downstairs and have some TEA!

As always, we are

      Your obedient savants,

          the TEA Totallers

             Laylaa Ali and Charles Sutton

P.S.  Future TEA messages will be sent to