Subject: The Ultimate TEA
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 16:02:11 -0400
From: Marc Pickett I 


So began the final TEA of the semester.  Professor and grad student
alike merrily meandered to the crispy cookies and tasty tea.
Forgotten were the finals at FOUR, as the giddy ones gathered OUTSIDE
the atrium.  The setting sun shone, and all were happy.

Thus ends this TEA saga.  But, every end begets a beginning.


(Please read the at least the 1st line of the credits.)

/// Credits: ///

TEA Funding                 Krithi Ramamritham
Producer                    Jim Kurose
Cookies Purchaser           Pippin Wolfe
TEA Emailer                 Marc Pickett I
TEA Email Muses             Jad Davis
                            Amy McGovern
                            Dan Bernstein
TEA Totallers               Pippin Wolfe
                            Marc Pickett I
Key Grip                    Anders Jonsson
Door Opener                 Ozgur Simsik
Stuntpersons                Michael Roberts
                            Robert Platt 
Trainers                    Dandapani Radhakrishnan
                            Kelly Porpiglia
Original Music found by     Jeremy Pickens
Associate Producer          Ashvin Shah
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