Subject: Prima Verde TEA 
Date: Thu, 03 May 2001 15:56:38 -0400
From: Marc Pickett I 

[To be read accompanied by Vivaldi's "Spring".  If you don't have
this, and since Napster is no longer fully functional, just ask Marc
to hum it for you while you read.]

Welcome to The Spring TEA,

Now, for some small talk about the weather.  "Beautiful."  This is
especially good for computer scientists.  Our only protection against
rickets* for the past few months has been the glow of our 20"

The weather's so nice that we could have classes outside.  However, we
CS people insist on having multimedia gadgets (overheads, projected
Power-point presentations, etc.) that don't work well in the sun.  One
solution is to give lecture using shadow puppets in the strong
sunlight, but making a 20 node graph can be tricky.

The other way to enjoy the weather is to have TEA OUTSIDE on the
NORTH side of the atrium IN 5 MINUTES.

There's the small talk about the weather.  Which leaves room for some
deep conversations at TEA.  This sunny TEA is sponsored by Victor
Lesser of the Multi-Agent Systems Laboratory (not to be confused with
the Multi Agent-Systems Laboratory).

    We are,
    ``The TEA Totallers''
        Marc & Pippin

* Rickets is caused by lack of vitamin D, which your skin produces
when exposed to sunlight.  (You don't really have to worry about
rickets since they started fortifying milk with vitamin D.)

** Maybe there'd be a market for monitors that emitted ultra-violet
light.  I can see the commercial:
A: Hey, nice tan, B.
B: Thanks, A, I wrote 3 programs last week.
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