Subject: TEA in 5 minutes 
Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 15:56:47 -0500
From: Marc Pickett I 

Dear TEA Candidate,

This is a completely pragmatic TEA message devoid of any humor or wit.
If you wanted wit, you'd visit the various websites dedicated to the
subject, right?  Your time is probably important to you, and you might
want your TEA message to tell you just 3 things*:

1. The fact that TEA exists: It does.

2. The 4 dimensional coordinates of the TEA.  That is, the "wheren" (=
where + when) of TEA: In the Computer Science atrium at 2001, 16:00,
Thursday March 1st.  In relative coordinates, a floor or 2 down, 

3. Who caused the TEA to exist: Lori Clarke of The ``LASER''.  (Note:
``The ``LASER'' Lab'' is redundant.  This would expand to ``The
Laboratory for Advanced Software Engineering Research Laboratory''.)

    We are, 
           ``The TEA Totallers''

* Well, this is just our excuse because The Tea Totallers' muses were
on strike this week.  Inspiration tends to be feast or famine, and you
simply can't force it, though you *can* make it more probable (for
example, by loading up on caffeine by coming downstairs to TEA).
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